‘Domina’ Season 2 trailer: Ancient Rome drama series returns

Domina returns in the US this weekend!

Bringing to life the power struggles of Ancient Rome from the women’s perspective, this epic historical series launched over two years ago on Sky and EPIX.

From the director of The Luminaries and Ophelia, Domina debuted in May 2021 and, we’ll be honest, we didn’t realise this show was ever coming back.

It’s great news though, as the eight-part first season was an enjoyable drama, with reviews praising its “high drama and even higher production values … making this an entertaining spin on ancient Rome, given depth by its compelling heroine.”

“The show has a great cast, a big budget and is full of carnage and backstabbing. Plus people say ‘My liege!’ a lot. What’s not to like?” wrote The Guardian at the time.

Domina follows the extraordinary rise of Emperor Augustus Caesar’s third wife, Livia Drusilla, bringing to life the exploits, affairs, and battles for political clout that surrounded this power couple who sat at the heart of the Roman Empire.

When’s the release date?

The second season premieres Sunday 9 July on MGM+ with two brand new episodes, with the remaining instalments landing on the streaming service weekly.

If you’ve not got MGM+, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here!

Australian viewers are getting the new season on Monday 10 July, while viewers in the UK will have to wait until Friday 8 September for Domina to return on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 here:

The new season will see Livia Drusilla “atop a fractious empire and a dysfunctional dynasty, [fighting] to preserve her marriage to Gaius and find a way to seat one of her sons on the throne, as new and old rivals jockey for position in a world where it’s impossible to know who to trust.”

Alongside returning star Kasia Smutniak (Perfect Strangers) as Livia Drusilla, series regulars Matthew McNulty (Gaius Julius Caesar), Liah O’Prey (Julia), Ben Batt (Agrippa), Ewan Horrocks (Drusus), Claire Forlani (Octavia), Darrell D’Silva (Piso), Christine Bottomley (Scribonia), and Alais Lawson (Marcella) are also back.

Joining the cast for Season 2 are Benjamin Isaac (Holmes & Watson) as Tiberius, Joelle (Dune) as Vipsania, and David Avery (Doctor Who) as young aristocrat Domitius.

Domina is available to watch on MGM+ with a free 30-day trial.