Masterpiece announces new version of The Forsyte Saga!

Masterpiece on PBS and Mammoth Screen have announced that production is soon to begin on a lavish new version of The Forsyte Saga! 

The Forsyte Saga, based on the John Galsworthy series of novels, follows the fortunes of an upper-middle-class English family and explores their triumphs and tragedies from the 1870s to the 1920s. 

The series has already been adapted for cinema in 1949 and twice for the small screen; the BBC aired a 26-part serial in 1967 with Kenneth More, and ITV produced an updated version in 2002, with Damian Lewis and Gina McKee. 

Who is behind it?

The new version will introduce the Forsyte family to a new generation of viewers. The series will be produced by the team behind Poldark, Mammoth Screen with Debbie Horsfield as screenwriter. 

Stephen Moyer, Millie Gibson, Jack Davenport, and Joshua Orpin

The impressive ensemble cast includes Francesca Annis (Ann Forsyte), Jack Davenport (James Forsyte), Joshua Orpin (Soames Forsyte), Millie Gibson (Irene), Jamie Flatters (Philip Bosinney), Tom Durant Pritchard (Monty Dartie),  Susan Hampshire (Lady Carteret), Stephen Moyer, Tuppence Middleton (Frances), and Eleanor Tomlinson (Louisa Byrne).

Meenu Gaur (Murder is Easy) and Annetra Laufer will share directing responsibilities, while Sara Lewis produces. Filming begins this month in England, Wales and Italy. 

What are people saying?

Screenwriter Debbie Horsfield commented:

It was an honor to be asked to write a bold new reimagining of Galsworthy’s epic saga. Our show is in part a prequel to the events of the first book, but also an opportunity to expand the world and place the women of the family center stage. It’s a love letter to the original story while offering an exciting new perspective.”

Susanne Simpson, Executive Producer of Masterpiece, added:

We’re proud to commission a new, original take on The Forsyte Saga. This sweeping, romantic drama portrays how duty binds a family together until it conflicts with matters of the heart. Debbie Horsfield’s inspired scripts will be realized by an exceptional cast and supported by a lavish production. We’re thrilled to be creating another one of the high-quality period dramas that Masterpeice has always been known for.


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