‘Downton’ writer Julian Fellowes reveals how he likes his tea made

Julian Fellowes has answered a question that British readers will understand is a very important and character-defining one!

Taking part in a webchat with The Guardian, the Downton Abbey creator was asked by a fan: “Do you put milk first in your tea or last? And do you take sugar?”

Fellowes replied: “Last. And I never take sugar in tea.”

The issue over whether milk should be poured in before or after adding the hot water is a cause of long-standing debate for British tea-drinkers.

The writer also revealed that he doesn’t have a butler – and that he has been to popular grilled chicken restaurant Nando’s, famous for its peri-peri marinades: “There’s an excellent one in Dorchester, right next to the cinema.”

It was officially confirmed last month that the long-awaited Downton Abbey movie will finally start filming in 2018.