New on BritBox in the US: What’s added in October 2020?

Lots of great new British television shows are coming to BritBox in October!

The subscription streaming service from BBC Studios and ITV offers viewers in the US and Canada the biggest collection of streaming British television.

Featuring the latest hits from the UK and much-loved telly classics from the past, BritBox is available for just $6.99 per month.

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Here are all the upcoming new additions:


All Creatures Great and Small – Seasons 4-7 (available from 1st October 2020)

In 1937, young, newly-qualified surgeon James Herriot, arrived in a rural Yorkshire village to take up his first job in an established veterinary practice. But the treatment of sick animals here still seems to be rooted in the Dark Ages, not to mention the country-folk’s suspicion of strangers.

Follow James in this beloved comedy classic as he continues the challenge of not only tending to the animals, but to win round the community too.



Shakespeare & Hathaway: The Private Investigators Season 3 (available weekly from 6th October 2020)

The highly unlikely but hugely entertaining detective duo, Frank Hathaway (Mark Benton, Northern Lights) a hard-boiled private investigator and rookie ex-hairdresser Lu Shakespeare (Jo Joyner, Marley’s Ghosts) return in this quirky, fan-favorite crime drama, packed with corpses, comedy and cracking mysteries.

With episodes including a heavy metal star making a pact with the devil and a Shakespeare museum filled with deadly secrets, season 3 of this smash-hit light-hearted mystery series has everything from kidnapping, blackmail, infidelity and murder. Assisted by the most loved sidekick Sebastian (Patrick McBride, Between Departures), watch as Shakespeare and Hathaway solve crimes in the birthplace of the bard.


Agatha (available from 9th October 2020)

Inspired by the two-week disappearance of famed British author Agatha Christie, this romantic mystery drama exposes the mystery and the revenge she plotted against her faithless husband.

Academy Award winners Vanessa Redgrave (Howards End, Letters to Juliet) and Dustin Hoffman (The Graduate, Tootsie) star as world famous mystery author Agatha Christie and the man with whom she allegedly shared a mysterious romantic tryst.


Alphabet Murders (available from 9th October 2020)

Tony Randall (Pillow Talk, The Odd Couple) stars as the redoubtable Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot in this crime mystery drama based on Agatha Christie’s novel The ABC Murders.

Watch as Hercule Poirot confronts murder and mayhem when a demented killer murders in grisly alphabetical order, beginning with the initials A.A and slashing blithely towards Z.Z.


Murder at the Gallop (available from 9th October 2020)

Based on the 1953 novel After the Funeral by Agatha Christie, Margaret Rutherford (Murder Most Foul, Murder She Said) stars as the iconic fictional character Miss Jane Marple in this crime drama sprinkled with light comedy.

When Miss Marple and Mr. Stringer (Stringer Davis, Murder Most Foul, Murder She Said) are out soliciting for charity donations, they cross paths with a wealthy and eccentric man who appears to have been frightened to death by his pathological fear of cats. Suspicious that the man was intentionally murdered by an heir to his estate, Miss Marple investigates his death.


Murder Most Foul (available from 9th October 2020)

Based on Mrs. McGinty’s Dead by Agatha Christie, Academy Award winner Margaret Rutherford (Murder at the Gallop, Murder She Said) stars as Miss Marple as the beloved character opposes a guilty verdict for Harold Taylor in the murder of his landlady, and investigates the case.

When clues lead her to believe the landlady was blackmailing someone in a rundown theater company, she auditions for a part, but the killer strikes again as the curtain goes up. Can the spinster sleuth identify the murderer before he claims his next intended victim – Miss Marple herself?


Murder She Said (available from 9th October 2020)

Based on the novel 4:50 from Paddington by mystery novelist Agatha Christie, intrepid spinster sleuth, Miss Marple (Margaret Rutherford, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul), reveals a closet full of skeletons as she tracks a killer in this strange case of the strangler-killer on the night express.

Determined that the crime she saw does not go unpunished, Miss Marple goes undercover and discovers awful secrets tied to the Ackenthorpe estate and a series of terrible murders.


Play for Today Collection (available from 13th October 2020)

A unique collection of this iconic, star-studded anthology series that includes both original plays and adaptations of stage plays and novels is making its way to BritBox in honor of its 50th anniversary. A milestone in the history of British television, this flagship BBC single drama strand is as relevant as ever, challenging its audience to examine real-world issues that still resonate today.

Among the collection are productions directed by renowned director Mike Leigh including Hard Labour, Home Sweet Home and Who’s Who. The collection also includes Kisses at 50, directed by Up series director Michael Apted.

Boasting spectacular talent, the series features Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect, The Queen) in Soft Targets, Nigel Hawthorne (Yes, Minister, Yes Prime Minister) in Jessie and Alison Steadman (Pride and Prejudice, Gavin & Stacey) in Abigail’s Party, Nuts in May and Hard Labour.

Titles include:

· Abigail’s Party

· A Cotswold Death

· All Good Men

· A Passage to England

· A Photograph

· Back of Beyond

· Bar Mitzvah Boy

· The Bevellers

· The Black Stuff

· Coming Out

· Country

· The Elephants’ Graveyard

· The Executioner

· The Fishing Party

· Funny Farm

· The Hallelujah Handshake

· Hard Labour

· Home Sweet Home

· Jessie

· Just Another Saturday

· Just A Boy’s Game

· King

· Kisses at 50

· Leeds United!

· Nuts in May

· The Other Woman

· Penda’s Fen

· Rainy Day Women

· The Slab Boys

· Soft Targets

· Still Waters

· Who’s Who


My Family Secrets Revealed (available from 21st October 2020)

This innovative series captures the discovery of deep family secrets as people have the chance to connect directly with their family history for the first time. Through analyzing DNA, family trees and birth and death records, a team of genealogical and historical experts reveal fascinating stories, prove exciting connections, sometimes even a celebrity connection, and solve family puzzles about long lost relatives.

Prepare to expect the unexpected as the experts often uncover astonishing tales of scandal, forbidden love, heroes in the family and heartbreaking loss.


New Tricks – Seasons 1-6 (available from 27th October 2020)

A team of three retired former detectives with over 80 years service between them are recruited to re-examine unsolved crimes. The squad is headed up by Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman, Pericles Prince of Tyre) – a detective in disgrace after bungling a hostage situation. The first task of the motley crew is to identify the real killer of a young cocktail waitress murdered in 1981.

The team soon discovers that things are not what they seem and a trail of corruption, altered statements and dubious witnesses emerges. Adapting to the new touchy-feely 21st-century police strategies – not to mention working under a tough woman with her future on the line –- isn’t easy, as the three discover with plenty of comic results.


The Turn of the Screw (available from 30th October 2020)

A hauntingly atmospheric adaptation of Henry James’ classic gothic horror story starring Jodhi May (Emma, A World Apart) and Colin Firth (Pride and Prejudice, The King’s Speech). A young, inexperienced governess is hired to look after two small children abandoned by their uncle, following the death of their parents, at his grand country house.

Unsettled by glimpses of ghostly figures that only she can see, she quickly believes that something malevolent is stalking the children in her care. She learns that her predecessor and her sinister lover both died under curious circumstances and prior to their death, they spent most of their time with Flora and Miles.

Could they be the figures appearing to the new governess? But are appearances everything they seem to be? Are these apparitions truly supernatural or simply products of her overactive imagination? James’ novel is brilliantly brought to life in this evocative drama – full of ambiguity, eeriness and menace.

Mock The Week – Season 19 (available TBC in October 2020)

From the producers of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the panel show combines the best elements of a panel show with stand-up, as two teams of comedians take a satirical swipe at the news and world events.

This laugh-out-loud series is hosted by comedian Dara Ó Briain.


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