‘Sanditon’ cast reveal what could happen in Season 2

The cast of Sanditon have revealed their hopes for the futures of their characters.

Based on Jane Austen’s unfinished final novel, the period drama aired in the UK last summer and in the US earlier this year.

Sadly, its UK ratings weren’t high enough for ITV to order more episodes and PBS confirmed in February that “there are no plans for another season.”

Sanditon fans have demonstrated a huge amount of support, however, with a petition demanding a second season reaching nearly 50,000 signatures.

The show’s makers also shared some photos last week of the incredible volume of letters and cards sent in by loyal viewers.

While the Sanditon production team have promised they’ll “keep doing everything [they] can to make [Season 2] happen,” for now we’ll have to be patient.

But if you’re dying to know what could happen next after Season 1’s cliffhanger ending, fortunately the cast have been chatting about what they think a second season might hold for their characters.

Rose Williams, who plays Charlotte Heywood, told PBS: “I liken it to the end of Titanic when Rose looks back on her life and there’s all the pictures of her in the frames—there’s a picture of her on a horse, and there’s a picture of her riding a plane, and then a picture of her with kids, and it’s really a picture of her life—she went on with that love.

“Jack told her to go on, and be her, basically. And I hope that Charlotte would fulfill her true dreams and desires, outside of pursuing a marriage, to save her heartbreak.

“I hope that she continues to pursue her interest in architecture and the world of development, and doesn’t just think, ‘Oh, I better go and find a suitable match.’

“I hope that she takes her heartbreak and learns from it and decides to continue to go out in the world, and isn’t tainted or doesn’t hold back.”

Crystal Clarke revealed her hopes for Miss Lambe: “For our dear sweet Georgiana, I would hope she really takes her time in Sanditon to become the strongest version of herself.

“I imagine her traveling the world with Otis, returning home to beautiful Antigua, and making use of her large fortune to fund the abolitionist movement in the West Indies.

“What a dope season that would be!”

Victoria star Leo Suter, who plays Young Stringer, said: “I’d wish for him to be a little bit more hardened and a little bit more world-weary, such that he could begin to stake his claim and his voice would grow a little louder and a little stronger.

“Because he’s got all the good heart and everything inside is right—he just needs a little bit more strength and a little bit more confidence in his voice. I think that’s the key that unlocks the lock.

“Once he’s done that, then he’s off. Then he’s running.”

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Sanditon is available on DVD on Amazon.