‘The Costumes of Downton Abbey’ book is out now!

There’s a gorgeous new book exploring the costumes from Downton Abbey.

In shops just in time for Christmas, The Costumes of Downton Abbey offers an exclusive inside look at the intricate and glamorous costuming of ITV’s hit period drama series.

The book also covers the two spin-off movies, 2019’s Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture and 2022’s sequel Downton Abbey: A New Era.

Here’s a sneak peek at the design for Edith’s outfit from the second film:

The official companion explores character costume choices and the historic fashion trends characteristic of the aristocracy during the Edwardian era, complete with comprehensive historical detail and stunning behind the scenes imagery.

You can order The Costumes of Downton Abbey on Amazon right now!

The book came out last month in the US, and gets its UK release on 17 November.

“Appealing to Anglophiles, costume and sewing aficionados, and fans of the hit series, The Costumes of Downton Abbey presents the design decisions and wardrobe intricacies that shaped the glamour and elegance of the characters of Downton Abbey,” we’re told.

The 272-page hardcover book comes from English author Emma Marriott, who’s previously written official tie-in books for the first Downton Abbey movie, plus The World of Vanity Fair and The World of Poldark.

The Costumes of Downton Abbey also comes with a very special introduction from Scottish costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins.

Alongside her work for Downton on TV and the two movies, she’s overseen the costumes on many award-winning films and series, including The Bletchley Circle, ’60s romance The Last Letter from Your Lover, ITV hotel drama The Halcyon, and Anthony Hopkins drama The Father.

“Featuring the fashion of both upstairs and downstairs cast members, this title explores the unique daytime, evening, special occasion, and wedding wardrobes that led to a 2011 Emmy and several Emmy nominations for Outstanding Costumes for a Series,” reveals the book’s synopsis.

“Detailed photographs, fan-favorite stills from the television series, and designer notes and insights make this a delightful and informative guide to the role costumes played in the character portrayal, story development, and art direction of the series.”

This sounds like a must-have for our Christmas wish list this year!

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We’ve got our fingers crossed that 2024 will bring us more news on the rumoured third movie!

The Costumes of Downton Abbey is available on Amazon.