‘Downton Abbey’ star on third movie plans: ‘Three sounds a good number’

Phyllis Logan has given Downton fans an update on the possibility of another movie.

Based on ITV’s hit period drama series, there have been two outings for Downton Abbey on the big screen so far.

The first movie came out in 2019, while the second arrived in cinemas earlier this year.

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Downton Abbey: A New Era caught up with our beloved characters as they embarked on a lavish trip to the South of France in 1928, where they uncovered the mystery of the Dowager Countess’ newly inherited villa.

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Since its release, there has inevitably been plenty of talk about a third movie!

Phyllis Logan, who Downton viewers will recognise as Mrs Hughes, sounded positive when she spoke to PBS while promoting her role in the new season of crime drama Guilt.

The Scottish actress commented: “Do you know something? We said this last time, never fully knowing if there would be a [film] number two. I’ll say the same again, hoping that that’s going to bring on a number three.

“I think the will is there among the makers of it and the participants as actors and the producers. I think there is a will, perhaps, to do another one.”

She added: “Three sounds a good number, doesn’t it? But you just never know.”

Discussing why she can’t give a more definite answer, Logan explained: “It’s all dependent on many, many things. We managed to get through [film] number two, and that was all [filmed] during COVID as well. We had that as well as being in France.

“Well, some of them were in France, not that I’m bitter or twisted about it at all. But some got to France and that threw up endless amounts of trials and tribulations.

“But if there were to be a third film, hopefully we wouldn’t be doing it during a pandemic. So, it might make things easier.”

She ended the interview asking fans to “put up a prayer, keep your fingers crossed, and hope we get another one.”

Find out more about the wonderful costumes in A New Era in this little video:

Phyllis Logan isn’t the only cast member who’s keen to return for more Downton Abbey.

Kevin Doyle hinted recently that he’s up for finding out what happens next in Mr Molesley’s life if writer Julian Fellowes wants to write another movie.

He said: “Julian always surprises us with the way he can come up with these extraordinary stories to bring us back together again. If there is going to be another episode, I look forward to reading it.”

Us too!

The second season of Guilt, featuring Phyllis Logan, is currently airing on PBS on Sunday nights.

Downton Abbey: A New Era is available on DVD on Amazon.