‘See How They Run’ reviews round-up: ‘Jolly’ 1950s whodunnit is ‘funny and stylish’

See How They Run is out in cinemas today and the reviews are in!

The new murder murder movie is set in London’s West End during the 1950s.

Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn) and Sam Rockwell (Moon) lead the all-star cast, alongside David Oyelowo (A United Kingdom), Adrien Brody (Peaky Blinders), and Ruth Wilson (Mrs Wilson).

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The supporting cast includes Harris Dickinson (The King’s Man) playing the young Richard Attenborough, alongside Sian Clifford (Fleabag), Shirley Henderson (Stan and Ollie), and Reece Shearsmith (Inside No.9).

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See How They Run sees plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered.

When world-weary Inspector Stoppard (Rockwell) and eager rookie Constable Stalker (Ronan) take on the case, the two find themselves thrown into a puzzling whodunit within the glamorously sordid theater underground, investigating the mysterious homicide at their own peril.

The movie is released in the UK on Friday 9th September, then in the US on Friday 16th September.

We’ve rounded up a spoiler-free selection of reviews to help you decide if you’d like to watch the movie:


“Saoirse Ronan shines in wickedly funny whodunnit … One thing is for sure: this kind of self-aware, comic murder mystery is a far more exciting prospect than the more straight-laced Christie adaptations we’ve seen from Sir Kenneth Branagh in recent years – revitalising the genre rather than just retreading old ground.” ★★★★★ – Radio Times


See How They Run is a retro homage that surprises audiences with giggles and suspense.” – Variety


It works better as a weird relationship movie than a murder-mystery but See How They Run is the whodunnit as hoot, with lots of laughs, oodles of style and played with verve by a quality cast. It also reconfirms Saoirse Ronan as a comedy god … It doesn’t completely work, but it’s fast, funny and frequently stylish.” ★★★★ – Empire


“Practically giddy in its enthusiasm, each twist and turn delivered with crowd-pleasing gusto.” – Screen Daily


“This likable whodunnit comedy sees Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan on the trail of high-camp crime in the original production of The Mousetrap.” ★★★★ – The Guardian


“Even Saoirse Ronan can’t save this workmanlike whodunnit.” ★★ – The Times


“A delightfully absurd Mousetrap send-up that has its cheese and eats it … The people behind See How They Run, with its mousetrap-adjacent title, have craftily figured out how to make the next best thing: a jolly, winking, and delightfully absurd send-up. ” ★★★★ – The Telegraph


“Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and the perfect film to bring your Nana to, but it’s ultimately pretty forgettable. It kills two hours, and it’s worth checking out just for the cast itself – especially Ronan, as it’s always fun to see such a skilled actor try their hand at something new.” – Collider


“Saoirse Ronan comes out on top in an ensemble comedy awash in giddy, well-intentioned fun.” ★★★ – The Independent


“Even the most joyless critic may have to admit they still had a good time. Hand most of the kudos to Ronan, doing endless heavy lifting to give a lumpy script an airy soufflé bounce. But credit too for the sheer vim of director Tom George. Enough affection for period, place and genre runs through his movie to drown out — just about — the creaks and clanks.” ★★★ – Financial TImes


“This meta-mystery showcases Saoirse’s comedy chops to perfection.” ★★★★ – Evening Standard


“It’s so much more than a British Knives Out … Each actor is perfectly cast, and each role is skilfully executed, exuding all the fussy glamour of the 1950s and striking a delicate balance between slapstick humour and British-reservedness. It’s almost impossible to pick a stand out in this cast of greats, and there isn’t a weak link nor moment.” ★★★★★ – Digital Spy


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