‘Victoria’ creator reveals who she wants to replace Jenna Coleman as older Queen Victoria

The showrunner of Victoria recently revealed that the show’s cast might be replaced with older actors at some point.

Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) and Tom Hughes (The Game) have played Queen Victoria and Prince Albert since the hit period drama series began in 2016 and the pair are currently filming 8 new episodes.

Victoria writer Daisy Goodwin told Digital Spy: “I hope the series can run through Victoria’s reign, I have thought about how it could continue… I mean, yes, it could run and run…”

However, Queen Victoria died in 1901, at the age of 81, and the new season will pick up the story in 1848, so there’s still another half century of British history for the series to bring to our TV screens.

As brilliant an actress as Jenna Coleman is, we’re not sure the 32-year-old could really convince as an octogenarian!

But Goodwin has hinted: “[A cast reshuffle] could be possible…”

And she already has someone in mind as Jenna Coleman’s replacement!

She revealed to Good Housekeeping: “It all depends on how long we do the show for. If we were to go past Albert’s death, I think Helena Bonham Carter would be an amazing Victoria… she’d be astonishing.”

The 52-year-old English actress will be busy for a while though, as she’s just joined the cast of The Crown.

Bonham Carter is taking over the role of Princess Margaret in the next two seasons of Netflix’s acclaimed drama series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Victoria is available now on DVD on Amazon.

Season 3 is expected to air in the UK this autumn on ITV and on Masterpiece on PBS in early 2019 in the US.