10 Upcoming British TV Shows to Add to Your Watch List in 2021

TV has proven to be our sanctuary during the Coronavirus lockdown.

It’s hard to say that we are in good mental health with all the financial and emotional stress the previous year brought. During these trying times, my family and I had been relying on our Charter Spectrum cable services to spend quality time together and staying distracted from the news.

Fortunately, the year 2021 has introduced us to some stunning British TV shows that have successfully taken entertainment to the next level. Ready to binge watch? Start with these 10 amazing shows:


1: It’s a Sin

The show sets in the 80s following the lives of five friends – Colin, Ash, Jill, Ritchie, and Roscoe living in the UK during the AIDS epidemic.  The fast-developing HIV crisis impacts their lives and eventually, all 5 of them decide to live fiercely despite the threats of the disease. It’s a Sin is available to watch on HBO Max.


2: Behind Her Eyes 

This show is based on Sarah Pinbrough’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of a single mother who gets caught in a love triangle with her boss and befriends his wife. Throughout the series, expect heavy twists and turns. Behind Her Eyes is available to stream on Netflix.


3: Bloodlands 

Bloodlands is a show by the creator of Bodyguard and Line Duty. This crime drama series follows the quest of a detective Tom Brannick (played by James Nesbit) to find a mysterious figure behind a series of disappearances.

Bloodlands is currently streaming on BBC One and Acorn TV. Be prepared to encounter some nail-biting events.


4: Frank of Ireland 

If you are looking for light relief, Frank of Ireland is a must-watch show. It’s written and starred by Domhnall and Brian Gleeson. The show takes us to the story of a 32-year-old unemployed musician who lives with his mother in Dublin. Frank of Ireland will available to stream on Amazon Prime and Channel 4 soon.


 5: Lady Parts

The director of Doctor Who brings you Lady Parts, a show that will make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt. Lady Parts used to be a short comedy show that aired on Channel 4 in 2018. The 2021 sequel follows the story of a Ph.D. student who joins a punk band of female Muslims.

It will be available to stream on Channel 4 and the release date is yet to be revealed.


6: ZeroZeroZero 

ZeroZeroZero is a lot more than a British show, it’s admired globally. It has been filmed in 6 languages across 3 continents! It’s an 8 episode thriller about drug trafficking and the world of cartels.

Here is how the story goes. A powerful Italian cartel decides to buy cocaine. The consignment makes its way to Europe, going all the way to Mexico and then crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The show is available to stream on NOW TV and Sky.


7: Intergalactic 

Sci-fi fans are going to fall in love with Intergalactic, a drama set in space. The series is led by Ash Harper, the galactic pilot who is wrongly imprisoned. She breaks out of the space jail with a gang of female security prisoners. Intergalactic will be available to stream on Now TV and Sky sometime in spring.


8: Domina

This ancient Rome drama follows the rise of Empress Livia in the wake of the association of Julius Caesar. The show is based on a true story. We are anticipating double-crossing, political drama, and the struggle for power. If you love history shows, add Domina to your list.


9: Landscapers 

Tell the audience that Olivia Colman is making an appearance and they will watch anything! Landscapers starring Olivia Colman as Susan is one of the most intriguing shows available. It’s based on real-life murders. The story takes you to the murder of Susan and Christopher Edwards who killed Susan’s parents in the 90s and buried them in a garden. Catch real-life interviews and some shocking revelations.


10: Sex Education

Season 3 of Sex Education is all out already. If you enjoyed watching seasons 1 and 2, you definitely need to binge watch season 3 and see how the characters grow further.


These shows are a mix of comedy, sci-fi, crime, and drama. Most of them have been released already. I have started watching It’s a Sin on HBO thanks to my Spectrum TV packages and I am enjoying every second of it.

Which one of these British shows are you planning to watch?