British Films and Serials About Gambling

No one can deny that Hollywood and Las Vegas are the most popular places for gambling.

With hundreds of different casinos and shining lights, it has become the number one spot for punters all around the world. And of course, the movie industry. However, when it comes to the most passionate gamblers, it is surely the punters from the UK. There are many British movies and TV shows that are set in the casino world. Check out this list of the best British casino films and serials which have won over audiences worldwide.


In this somewhat depressing British film directed by Mike Hodges, Clive Owen plays Jack Manfred, an aspiring author who begins working as a croupier. However, as he works there he finds it impossible to ignore the allure of gambling. But soon, he learns that the thrills don’t come for free. The main character, Jack, tells his story in the movie as if he were writing it. In the movie, you can see the world of wagering through the dealer’s perspective, which gives it more depth. The film also received excellent reviews from critics and is loved by the general population, making it worthwhile to see.

Deal Or No-Deal

British punters are no strangers to an online casino with fast payouts as it is the most popular way of entertainment in the UK. As a result, there are many game shows where normal people can bet and prizes. One of which is Deal Or No-Deal. This game show aired between 2005-2013 and it was the most popular TV serial about the industry in Britain while it’s aired. The game is to make all the right choices such as picking the right briefcase out of the other 25. Each case holds the amount of $0.01 to $1.000.000.

Over the course of the game, the player eliminates wrong cases, after which they are presented with a “deal” from The Banker to take a cash amount to quit the game. If the player refuses every deal, they get to trade their case for any other case in the play. And that’s how you play it! The show is very fun and exciting for every wagering and non-wagering fan.

Casino Royale

Of course, this list wouldn’t exist without the one and only James Bond. Casino Royale is one of many British Films that are about the Casino Kingdom, but with a touch of action. In this Bond film, Daniel Craig reprises his role as British superspy James Bond in a tense poker game against a known arms dealer.

People who see it will likely find themselves playing poker or roulette with their friends. Moreover, Daniel Craig received excellent reviews for his acting and portrayal of Bond. In the film, he does a great job of hypnotising the audience with his portrayal of the character and the movie has been a hit since it was released.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, stock and two smoking barrels were an instant success from the debut director Guy Richie. This black comedy stars some of the most popular British action stars like Jason Statham and Jason Fleming. It takes place amid the decaying, gangster- and thieves-infested underworld of London. The movie opens with Eddie losing £500,000 while gambling at a casino to baron Harry the Hatchet.

The plot of the film then shifts to Eddie, who must pay off the debt or risk the wrath of Harry’s debt collector. As soon as it was released, the movie became a cult status and was a financial success.

Peaky Blinders

The first TV show and probably the most popular British TV serial is Peaky Blinders. By this point, every member of your family has seen or at least heard of the show. It is a huge success, and rightfully so. The Shelby family from Birmingham found their power by focusing on gambling to build an empire and let everyone know that they have to follow their orders. Their rules even exceed the law. It takes place shortly after World War I ended.

The gang’s members often enjoy betting on illegal races, stealing from bookmakers and bettors, and fighting anyone threatening their dominance. The series starts with Winston Churchill sending merciless detective Chester Campbell to combat them in retaliation for their acts. Great dialogue, action, drama, and even romance are all featured in the show and are why it’s a fan favourite!