Talk a walk in the past with the Top 4 historical British period dramas

You might have seen them here and there, these enchanting dramas set at different times of the British era are the best way to spend an evening binge-watching.

You are never to get tired of them as they entail such details and specifications to the earlier times that one might be left in an astonished state. Stories of the past queens and rulers of the British and neighboring lands, notable personalities and many other fictional characters are the best to watch in series of different lengths to keep you entertained from the start till finish.

These are numerous places where you can go to watch these series like BBC, Netflix or download and watch the clips by a youtube mp3. So why wait? Let’s jump into the mythical world of British period dramas of gowns, wigs, and historical setups and start feeling out of this world.


The Crown

It started from the past of the queen Elizabeth II, how she got to marry Prince Philip and become the queen after the death of her father, King George. It’s a British-American show that was started in 2016 and is still running to date with its third season.

The show is immensely entertaining as it shows the reign of Queen Elizabeth and her empire as time passes and changes happen as they did in the earlier times of England. Don’t mean to spout any spoilers but, in the second season, you will be able to see the birth of Prince Edward along with the Suez crisis. While the third season is said to portray the entrance of Lady Diana in the royal family, so stay tuned.



If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten enough of the historical scene with Queen Elizabeth II, you can watch the show on her great, great grandmother and an impressive figure in the history of rulers of England, Queen Victoria. Her story is known my many history fanatics as it involves a good quantity of drama and excitement.

The show itself is mesmerizing to watch as it is a textbook depiction of the scenes that occurred in the past. From the start of her reign to her marriage to Albert and her continuing journey in the two and an ongoing season to ruling England, these series are unmissable in the list of the best British period dramas.


Downton Abbey

A fantastic series of a whole lot of historical events involving the British and neighboring countries. Well, it begins with the Crawley family and depicts their daily lives. It gradually exceeds to portray several events like the sinking of titanic and various other historical moments affecting the family and lives of people around them.

It shows how the British order shook after events like the First World War took place. It consists of 6 seasons that are proven to have you hooked.


The Tudors

With a total of 4 seasons from the year 2007 to 2010, the show in a top-notch illustration of the times of King Henry VIII of Ireland. His life’s story is a turbulent one that should be seen by every history fan. The series shows how he starts off as a king and lives a life of pleasures while courting several women.

You will see how he tries to show affection to his first love, Anne Boleyn. He then goes on to marry five more in the whole of his life and ends up dying a terrible death with the vision of his deceased wives haunting him. Well, it’s not all that bad and several good things happen and King Henry VIII ends up running a fruitful nation.