The best South Korean movies you need to watch

The first time in the history of the Academy Awards on February 9, 2020, a non-English movie, Parasite, won Best Picture trophy as a top achievement.

Of paramount importance is the fact that Parasite, as the best South Korean awarded screenplay, has made a great shift towards the greater appreciation of the foreign movies. If you want to know more about good screen writing, you can get yourself a great paper on that topic with term paper help.


Parasite, directed by South Korean director Bong Joon Ho, is a novel masterpiece that hit the movie scene. The storyline is focused on the Kim family (played by Song Kang Ho, Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam, Chang Hyae Jin), their financial differences in regards to the rich Park family. One of the Kim family members gets hired for Park family developing an idea to enhance their own wealth.


Poetry, as one of Korea’s top-rated movies, deals with the family drama with one of the members suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The grandmother fights with this disease using poetry. In the meantime, her grandson has a lot of social conflicts, leaving her no choice but to alter his behaviour.


Oldboy (2003) as a comic being the part of ‘’Vengeance Trilogy’’ is based on a sentenced man due to drug abuse.  The movie is abundant in violent scenes, twists and vengeance.


Mother (Madeo) screened in Cannes, presents Mother, unlicensed acupuncture and her protected son suffering from mental impairment. After certain dramatic events, he is being labelled as the murder of a young girl. Mother has to find a way to unravel the truth and free him.


Burning (Beoning) released in 2018, directed by Lee Chang-dong follows the life moments of a writer and his ex-girlfriend. While she is in Africa, he takes care of her cat and the house. A novelist is unaware that she has found a boyfriend.


The Handmaiden’s plot is characterized by Lady Hideko followed by a hired pickpocket. Thriller is focused on Lady Hideko and her marriage. In the Korean setting, her husband unravels her past life.


The Host scenario is based on the deformed fish that originates from a Korean river. A fisherman’s daughter is attacked and taken by a river monster. To save her, the fisherman must find the monster.


Train to Busan directed by Yeon Sang-ho emerged in 2016. The infected train needs to secure its passengers due to a global zombie invasion.


Memories of Murder’s plot is based on a series of murders in South Korea. The detectives, Park and Seo are hired to identify the murderers.


The Age of Shadows is an action-thriller the spots light on a Korean police captain. The police captain is charged by the Japanese government due to resistance and betrayal.


On The Beach at Night Alone is based on a beautiful woman on the beach at night alone and the story about love, loss and betrayal.


My Sassy Girl is a romantic comedy based on blog posts. The boy saves the girlfriend not to fall in front of a train.


Shiri tells us the life of a deviant female tracked by the detective because she sets up the bombs.


Taegugki represents a wartime narrative based on the man who worked at a shoe store.


The beat is a teen drama with the plot of a teenager involved in a gang circle. Upon the school dropout, the teenager Min needs to recover his alcoholic mother.


A Tale of Two Sisters focuses on the life of a girl teenager after her medical treatment in a psychiatric ward department. The recovery is intense with the vivid visions of the girls’ deceased mother tearing the family apart.


No Regret was released in 2006 in South Korea. In the centre of the plot, two boys are merged in a love affair and struggle to be together.