‘The Mezzotint’ trailer: ‘Sherlock’ writer returns with Christmas ghost story

An eerie trailer has been released for The Mezzotint.

Written by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss, the spooky 30-minute drama is based on M. R. James’ 1904 ghost story.

The BBC promises that “The Mezzotint will guarantee a chill in the air for viewers this Christmas.”

Piers Wenger, Director of BBC Drama, previously commented: “I’m delighted that Mark Gatiss has assembled such an outstanding cast to conjure up another unmissable ghost story for BBC Two and iPlayer this Christmas. The Mezzotint is classic M. R. James, and the perfect slice of horror to thrill us this festive season.”

The official synopsis for The Mezzotint reads: “Edward Williams, gentleman and amateur golfer, lives an untroubled life as the curator of a small university museum. His speciality is the topography of the British Isles.

“So when an art dealer sends him details of an interesting engraving – a mezzotint – of an old country house, he’s intrigued. When the picture arrives, however, it seems perfectly ordinary – until Williams notices a figure in the picture where there was none before.

“A cloaked figure, with a skull-like head and legs that are horribly thin. Soon, within the mezzotint, the figure seems to be on the move across the moonlit lawn towards the house with murderous intent.

“Long-forgotten secrets rise to the surface as Williams and his friends summon all the rational forces at their command to confront the impossible.

Edward Williams is being played by Rory Kinnear.

The Black Mirror star has had two hits already this autumn, appearing in the new James Bond movie and the BBC’s 1960s drama Ridley Road.

Kinnear is joined by Robert Bathurst (Downton Abbey), Frances Barber (Doctor Who), Nikesh Patel (Indian Summers), John Hopkins (Poldark), Emma Cunniffe (Unforgotten), and Tommaso Di Vincenzo (Dracula).

Watch the trailer:


The Mezzotint will premiere at 10.30pm on Friday 24th December on BBC Two in the UK.

It’ll then be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Gatiss also his adaptation of The Amazing Mr Blunden airing this Christmas on Sky.

The 55-year-old English actor and screenwriter has previously adapted several ghost stories for the BBC, including Martin’s Close in 2019, The Dead Room in 2018, The Tractate Middoth in 2013, and Crooked House in 2008.

All these plus a collection of classic A Ghost Story for Christmas productions are being added on BritBox later this month.

The complete Sherlock box set is available on DVD on Amazon.