‘Grantchester’ interview: Al Weaver on Leonard’s big storyline in Season 6

Grantchester is back!

Based on the novels by James Runcie, the popular ’50s crime drama series returned in the UK earlier this month.

The sixth season continues on Friday nights on ITV, and it’ll premiere in the US in October on PBS.

Watch the trailer:


Al Weaver is reprising his role as Leonard Finch in the eight new episodes.

Here Al chats about what’s coming up for Leonard in the new season, and what it was like filming during the Covid lockdowns earlier this year:


Could you tell us a bit about where Leonard Finch is at the beginning of this series?

“For Leonard, life is good and going well! He’s very happy in his relationship with Daniel. They are going on holiday with the whole gang but something quickly happens which spins all of that on its head.”


As you say in the first episode the whole gang goes to Merries. What was that like to film outside of Grantchester?

“It was really lovely. We were so lucky to be working when so many people weren’t able to because of the pandemic. As well as Merries, later on we got to go to Somerset for a week as well which was great!”


Leonard has a big storyline ahead of him in this series? Without revealing too much can you tell us a bit about that?

“In this series, something big happens to Leonard which threatens his relationship, his career and everything about his life. It’s the biggest challenge that he’s ever faced.

“Everything is at stake because of the event that happens and the audience will get to see Leonard take on a real journey in this series.”


What is it like playing a returning character in a series? Is it easy to get back into character?

“Leonard is my first time playing a returning character so I know the mannerisms that make him who he is and that makes it easy for me to jump back into playing him. He’s like an old friend, I’m really fond of him.

“Going back to Grantchester, it always helps to have all the crew that we know and all the other characters who are coming back as well. We’re like one big family and we always have a great time filming.”


What was it like working with Covid restrictions?

“It was interesting and much more segregated which meant it did bring a calmness to the set, it was a lot less busy which was quite unusual but which I actually liked.

“It wasn’t always ideal but we managed to work our way through it and everyone was just so joyous to be back at work and out of the house, everyone was so happy to be there!”


All the cast on Grantchester seem to really enjoy their time filming on set – why do you think that is? Who do you get on best with on set?

“Everyone gets on with everyone! We have really great guest artists as well who bring a really good energy to the show and I think that’s a big part of it.

“It’s an inviting place for people to come and work through the dynamic that the Grantchester team creates. It attracts great actors. In turn all the returning characters feel responsible to make them feel safe and happy.

“I’ve just turned 40 and I feel like an elder statesman on set now. I feel the responsibility for any younger actors we have coming in to make them feel secure. I always try to make Tessa and Tom laugh!”


Al Weaver and the rest of the cast are already busy filming the next season of Grantchester.

Premiering in 2022, Season 7 will be set in 1959 and we’ve got the first details here!

Grantchester is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.