‘Call the Midwife’ is officially renewed until 2026

The residents of Nonnatus House are heading into the 1970s!

Ahead of the twelfth season‘s finale airing in the UK, the BBC has announced the recommission of Call the Midwife.

The long-running period drama about a group of nurse midwives in the East End of London celebrated a decade on air last year, and the series shows no sign of running out of stories.

This confidence is clearly shared by the BBC, as they announced last night that another two seasons of Call the Midwife have been commissioned.

With a thirteenth season already confirmed back in 2021, this latest renewal will gives us Season 14 and Season 15 – that’s three more seasons on the way!

The last episode of the current season will air in the UK at 8pm on Sunday 26th February on BBC One, after the show takes a short break this weekend due to this year’s BAFTA Film Awards ceremony.

Over in the US, Season 12 premieres very soon on PBS.

The thirteenth season of Call the Midwife begins filming in England this spring.

When are the release dates for the new seasons?

Season 13 will be airing in 2024, set in 1969.

Then Season 14 is set to arrive in 2025, giving us our first look at a new decade in Poplar as we hit 1970.

And we can expect Season 15 to air in 2026, set in 1971.

All the upcoming seasons will once again comprise eight 60-minute episodes, plus a feature-length festive special at Christmas.

January premiere dates for each new run are likely in the UK, followed by March/April launches in the US, based on previous years’ schedules.

Call the Midwife has been sold to over 240 territories globally, making it one of the BBC’s most-loved international hits.

In its UK home, the show still brings in incredible ratings for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, with 2022’s festive special bringing in 8.5 million viewers, only beaten on Christmas Day by the new King’s speech!

Season 12’s opening episode reached 7.8 million viewers, an incredible figure in this era of multi-channel television and competition from streaming services.

Fans across the world will no doubt be overjoyed by the news that Call the Midwife will continue for another few years!

Call the Midwife is available on DVD on Amazon.