There’s good news and bad news for ‘Endeavour’ fans

We have some exciting – and also some disappointing – news for fans of Endeavour.

Firstly, the good news is that ITV has officially announced that the popular crime drama has been renewed for another two seasons!

A seventh season of the Inspector Morse prequel series was confirmed in March, following the conclusion of Season 6, which recently also aired in the US on PBS.

Season 7 begins filming in Oxford, England this summer and it’ll air in 2020.

It’s just been revealed that Endeavour will then also be returning in 2021 with an eighth season.

The bad news is that the upcoming seventh season will only have three episodes.

Previous seasons have each had between four and six episodes.

Season 7 will reportedly have “a strong, overarching plot connecting the three films” and the new stories “will test Endeavour’s moral compass to breaking point, both personally and professionally.”

Russell Lewis, who was written all 27 episodes so far, hinted earlier this year that Endeavour is “getting very near the end,” so we wouldn’t be surprised if the eighth season turns out to be the show’s last.

At least it sounds like the creative team will have plenty of time to plan a satisfying ending for fans.

Season 6 is available on DVD on Amazon.