Michelle Dockery reveals which British music legend is a surprise ‘Downton’ fan

It turns out that an absolute icon of British rock is a huge fan of Downton Abbey.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Dockery revealed that Mick Jagger loves Downton.

The 76-year-old Rolling Stones star even arranged rehearsal times around when the show was on!

Dockery recalled: “This one time Laura Carmichael, who plays Edith, and I were at the Met Ball and Mick Jagger just started walking towards us at this after party and put his hand out and said ‘hello, I’m Mick’ and we were like ‘we know.'”

The Lady Edith actress continued: “And he said how much he loved the show and we just couldn’t believe it, I was completely floored.”

Michelle Dockery added: “Hugh [Bonneville] is friends with some of them – including Mick, I think…

“And apparently when they were rehearsing their big London gig, when the show was they would have to stop at a certain time so that they could get back home to watch Downton Abbey at 9 o’clock.”

She joked: “That’s so rock’n’roll!”

sequel to the first Downton movie is expected to begin filming “within the next year to two years,” according to the film’s producer.

However, writer Julian Fellowes has to finish work on his next TV project first.

The Downton Abbey movie is available on DVD on Amazon.