‘Prizefighter’ trailer: Russell Crowe stars in 1800 England boxing drama

A first trailer has been released for Russell Crowe’s new movie about the birth of boxing.

The Gladiator star appears in upcoming boxing drama Prizefighter.

Set in Bristol, England in 1800 and based on a true story, the film will explore the life of Jem Belcher, who became the youngest ever world champion, became blind at 22, and was dead by the age of 30.

Matt Hookings (Winter Ridge) is playing Belcher, and the actor has also written and produced the movie.

He’s joined in the cast by Ray Winstone (Indiana Jones), Marton Csokas (Lord of the Rings), Jodhi May (The Last of the Mohicans), Julian Glover (Game of Thrones), Steven Berkoff (Octopussy), and real-life boxing champion Joe Egan.

The official synopsis reads: “In 1800 Jem Belcher became the youngest ever world boxing champion. Belcher, played by Matt Hookings, dominated his early fights with his unique skill, speed, and scientific approach and soon became Champion of England, a natural talent, oozing with charm, style and grace.

“After a life-changing accident risked ending his career forever, he begins a long, gruelling road to recovery which eventually sees him compete in a death-defying standoff – known only as The Forgotten Fight of the Century – to reclaim his title once and for all as England’s youngest boxing champion.”

Prizefighter will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 22nd July.

Watch the trailer here:


It’s been rumoured for sometime that Russell Crowe’s classic 2000 movie Gladiator is getting a sequel.

Director Ridley Scott confirmed last year that a script has indeed been written, and the 84-year-old filmmaker is set to begin production on the project once he’s finished his upcoming Napoleon Bonaparte biopic.

Also getting an overdue follow-up is Russell Crowe’s Master and Commander.

It’s currently unclear is Crowe will be involved in either of these sequels, however.

Gladiator is available on DVD on Amazon.