Watch trailer for ‘Sherlock’ writer’s new Christmas movie ‘The Amazing Mr Blunden’

Sky has released the first trailer for The Amazing Mr Blunden.

Based on Antonia Barber’s novel The Ghosts and inspired by 1972’s The Amazing Mr Blunden film, the new TV movie is written by Mark Gatiss (Doctor Who, Dracula).

The Sherlock co-creator has also directed the 90-minute festive film.

Gatiss previously commented: “To me, everything about The Amazing Mr Blunden is magical. A ghost story with a sentimental heart. A costume drama with a time-travelling twist. Scary villains, melancholy, laughter and joy.”

The official synopsis reads: “Christmas adventure arrives for London teenagers Jamie and Lucy Allen in the form of a mysterious old man, Mr Blunden, who offers their mum the opportunity to become the caretaker of a ruined country house – one that’s said to be haunted.

“Within its neglected, overgrown grounds, Jamie and Lucy have an encounter with what appears to be a pair of ghost children. But these spooky kids, Sara and Georgie, aren’t actually ghosts.

“They’ve travelled forwards in time to seek help, believing they’re going to be murdered by the wicked Mr and Mrs Wickens. And Lucy and Jamie’s strange visitor seems to be the key to it all.

“With his help, they must travel back to 1821 to save Sara and Georgie and redeem their remorseful new friend – The Amazing Mr Blunden.”

The cast is led by Simon Callow (Four Weddings and a Funeral) as the titular Mr Blunden, alongside Mark Gatiss and Tamsin Greig (Belgravia) as Mr and Mrs Wickens.

They’re joined by newcomers Tsion Habte and Jason Rennie as Lucy and Jamie Allen, with India Fowler and Xavier Wilkins playing Sara and Georgie Latimer.

Watch the trailer:


The Amazing Mr Blunden will premiere in the UK at 7pm on Friday 24th December on Sky Max.

It’ll also be available to stream on NOW TV from the same date.

Mark Gatiss also has another brand new drama airing this festive season.

He’s adapted a classic M.R. James ghost story for the BBC too.

The Mezzotint is set to air in the UK on Christmas Eve on BBC Two and a trailer was released this week.

The complete Sherlock box set is available on DVD on Amazon.