‘The Crown’ star admits he was ‘disappointed’ at being replaced with a new actor

Matt Smith says he’s worried he won’t “land as great a part again” after leaving The Crown.

Netflix’s award-winning period drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom debuted in November 2016, starring Claire Foy as Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip in its first two seasons.

Featuring an all-new cast, to reflect the characters getting older as The Crown progresses through the 20th Century, the new season begins filming in July.

Discussing how he felt when he found out that the role of Philip would be recast, Smith told Heat magazine: “I’d be lying if I said I’m not disappointed. I’m scared I’ll never land as great a part again. But there’s an excitement to being able to pass the baton on.”

The Doctor Who star revealaed he felt “cut up” on his final day of filming last year: “I was sad to say goodbye to the crew – the production was just f***ing quality. It was sad. But you know, you move on.”

However, Smith absolutely approves of co-star Claire Foy’s replacement as Elizabeth: “Olivia Colman will be scintillating – she’s a fabulous, towering icon – so hopefully, undoubtedly someone who can match her immense prowess.”

Season 3 will be available to watch in early 2019 on Netflix.