‘The Wisdom of Call the Midwife’ book features classic quotes from the show

A lovely book of quotes from Call the Midwife is out now!

The Wisdom of Call The Midwife: Words of inspiration from the Sisters and midwives of Nonnatus House is a beautiful collection of the most heartwarming, inspirational, and hilarious quotes from the show, accompanied by stunning photographs throughout.

Published this summer, the book on sale on Amazon here!

Alternatively, it’s also available on Kindle!

Call the Midwife creator and writer Heidi Thomas commented: “Our lovely, loyal viewers have been asking for a book of quotes from the series for a long time, and with our tenth anniversary approaching, I know they will be thrilled with this unique keepsake.”

The official synopsis reads: “Call the Midwife is loved across the world for its moving and intimate insights into the colourful world of midwifery and family life in the East End of London in the 1950s and 60s.

“The residents of Poplar and of Nonnatus House have brought comfort and joy to millions of people through their words and shared experiences.

“In this book you will find a collection of the best, most heart-warming and inspiring narrations and life-affirming quotes, taken from the original scripts by Heidi Thomas.

“There are lessons on love, friendship, motherhood, faith, family, home and much more – and we will hear from, among others, the voices of glamorous but vulnerable Trixie, forthright Nurse Crane, the delightfully witty Sisters Evangelina and Monica Joan and of course the wise and iconic narrations of Jennifer.”

The show’s makers recently announced the book on Instagram, saying: “It is our special gift to you, our wonderful viewers, and one that we hope you’ll treasure – a book to see you through both hard and better times, and something that will inspire and entertain you in equal measure.”

The next season of Call the Midwife recently wrapped filming in England.

Season 11 will premiere in the UK in early 2022, and will then air in the US next spring on PBS.

The Wisdom of Call the Midwife is available on Amazon.