‘World on Fire’ recap: What happened in Episode 6?

The BBC’s epic new World War II drama World on Fire continued in the UK tonight.

From the makers of Poldark, the seven-part series begins with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and ends with the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Here’s a plot recap for the sixth episode, which aired at 9pm on Sunday 3rd November 2019:

June 1940. The Nazis have taken Paris with not a bullet fired.

Webster and Albert’s life in the city they love will never be the same again.

In Berlin, Nancy finds herself once again at the centre of the Rosslers’ increasingly desperate situation as both Mr and Mrs Rossler are arrested for neglecting their patriotic duties.

Back in Manchester, Harry returns home with another companion, Demba, one of the heroic Sengalese troops who stayed by Harry’s side at Dunkirk.

And in Warsaw, Kasia’s murderous routine continues in earnest.

As she and Tomasz take ever-greater risks in targeting the Germans, the net closes in on them.

World on Fire is available on DVD on Amazon.