‘The Durrells’ writer admits he thought he’d made up Louisa/Spiro romance

The writer of The Durrells has revealed how much truth there is behind the show’s key love story.

Based upon Gerald Durrell’s classic trilogy of Corfu memoirs, the 1930s family period drama launched in 2016 and it was announced last summer that the upcoming six episodes will be the show’s final run.

Season 4 is currently airing in the UK on Sunday nights at 8pm on ITV.

The Durrells creator Simon Nye has teased: “The love between Louisa and Spiro lurches and grows throughout the series, and we finally meet his wife Dimitra.”

He admitted: “I had been feeling anxious about how much screen time their will-they-won’t-they romance was taking up because I thought I’d made it up!”

However, it looks like he needn’t feel too guilty.

Nye revealed: “…it seems, from interviews for the documentary about the real-life Durrells which follows the last episode, that there really was a romantic frisson between the two of them. I bloody knew it.”

The writer also recently explained why he decided it was the right time end the series.

Keeley Hawes, who plays Louisa, has given some hints about what’s coming up in the final season.

She revealed: “I think this is the strongest series of all four. We were able to throw everything at it.”

Season 4 will air in the USA this autumn on Masterpiece on PBS.

The Durrells is available on DVD on Amazon.