‘Victoria’ Season 3 Episode 2 recap: ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’

The third season of Victoria continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’, which first aired at 9pm on Sunday 31st March 2019:

After the birth of Princess Louise, Victoria is too weak to travel to Osborne House, so much to Albert’s reluctance, the family stay in London.

However, when it appears that the Chartists have become a violent movement, Victoria must order troops to protect herself.

Meanwhile, Skerrett is torn between her old life and new when Francatelli buys a hotel and organises a special marriage license, and Sophie has a frisson with Lord Palmerston when her carriage is overturned and the MP comes to her rescue.

Louis Phillippe is also outstaying his welcome, upsetting both Albert and the children and the Prince is faced with no choice but to ask him to leave.

The first two seasons of Victoria are out now on DVD on Amazon.