8 Fun Facts about Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a drama television series that follows the exploits of a crime gang popular in Birmingham, England.

The fictional gang is based on a real urban youth gang who were active in the city from the early 1890s to the late 1910s. After it was first released in September 2013, Peaky Blinders became an instant hit with more than 4.1 million viewers.

Because of its unique storyline and outstanding performance of the actors, it’s no surprise why Peaky Blinders has become one of the most successful series to date. If you’ve watched the show, you know how interesting and addictive it is.

To keep you hooked on the series (as you’re probably waiting for the last season to air), here are some fun facts about Peaky Blinders:


Those Haircuts Were Serious Business

Besides the stylish clothing, one of the most striking details of Peaky Blinders is the haircuts of the male actors. According to an interview with the series’ hair and makeup artist, producers spent a lot of time going through countless photographs of men from the 20th century to determine the best haircut for the series.

By basing the actors’ haircuts on real people, the series successfully highlighted an element of authenticity and realism. It’s no wonder why the haircuts have become in-demand among fans after the series first premiered.


Cillian Murphy Smoked about 1,000 Cigarettes on a Single Screen

To capture the titular gang’s look, Cillian Murphy has to pull off a three-piece tweed suit, shaved haircut, and newsboy cap. But that’s not all – the main actor also had to smoke about 1,000 curates on a single screen to add aura to the series.

Fortunately, the cigarettes were created by the prop department using herbs, which means that they don’t have harmful carcinogens. This was confirmed by Cillian Murphy’s agent, who even commented that the use of herbs in the cigarettes allowed the actor to be “in character” without compromising his health.


Episodes Were Loosely Based on Stories from Steven Knight’s Childhood

Steven Knight, the writer and creator of Peaky Blinders, based all of the episodes of the series on his childhood memories. Steven Knight mentioned in an interview that he grew up hearing stories about the smartly dressed street gangs in England from his parents and neighbors.


Sam Neill Got Help from Other Actors to Improve His Accent

Sam Neill was a very effective antagonist for the series. He played the role of Inspector Campbell, a police chief from Belfast who was known for his dealings with petty gangsters and hoodlums. But since Neill was originally from New Zealand, he needed help to improve his accent.

Liam Neeson and Jason Nesbitt played important roles in Sam Neill’s character in the series. Both actors helped Neill develop a more believable accent, so he could better relate and connect to the American audiences of the series. With his friends’ help, Sam Neill was able to perfect the right accent for the series!


Helen McCrory Had Some Help from Ozzy Osbourne

Similar to Sam Neill’s dilemma, Helen McCrory also had problems speaking the right Birmingham accent for the series. But by watching endless clips of Ozzy Osbourne, McCrory eventually developed the right accent.


Actors Can Get Confused about the Timeline

The series isn’t filmed in chronological order, which is why actors often feel lost and confused. According to Cillian Murphy, they could be shooting episode four in the morning and then the finale later in the afternoon.

The actor claimed that shooting different episodes in one day is stressful, so he had one of the directors draw up four A4 sheets where Thomas (Murphy’s character in the series) was going so he could figure out what was going on.


The Series Could Have Included Jason Statham

Although the actors in the series are already great, it could have been better. During an interview with Steven Knight, he mentioned that he was eyeing to cast Jason Statham for the series. The director even approached Jason Statham about the role but didn’t push through as the actor had a prior engagement.


Jack Rowan Was a Real Boxer

Wondered how Jack Rowan played his character realistically in the series? Jack Rowan, who played boxer Bonnie Gold, was actually an amateur boxer. He won 18 out of 27 matches during his teenage years.


As you can see, there is more to Peaky Blinders than meets the eye. The series is not only interesting because of its plot and actors but also because of the things that happen behind the camera. Now that you know more facts about Peaky Blinders, you’ll love the series even more!