Remember who these 12 ‘Downton Abbey’ stars played in ‘Poirot’?

It’s a common joke that every British actor has appeared in either a Harry Potter movie or Game of Thrones.

More close to the truth is that it seems nearly every UK-based star was in Poirot at some point!

Based on Agatha Christie’s novels, ITV’s hugely popular series ran for 13 seasons between 1989 and 2013.

70 episodes were made in total, so it’s no wonder that Hercule Poirot ran into so much acting talent over the years.

With the second Downton Abbey movie streaming now, we decided to use our little grey cells and look back at all the Downton cast members who encountered David Suchet’s iconic detective.

Perhaps one day Poirot himself will visit the world of Downton and solve some of the show’s mysteries, like “where did O’Brien go?”, “what really happened to Mr Pamuk?”, and “how old is the Dowager Countess exactly?”

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the Downton Abbey stars who’ve also appeared in Poirot:


Raquel Cassidy, who played Phyllis Baxter in the last three seasons of Downton Abbey, was in 2008’s Poirot story Mrs McGinty’s Dead as Maureen Summerhayes.


Lady Rosamund actress Samantha Bond played the role of Stella Robinson in The Adventure of the Cheap Flat during the early years of Poirot.


Douglas Reith, who appeared in Downton as Lord Merton, played Serge Mureau in 2005’s Cards on the Table.


Best known as the Earl of Grantham, actor Hugh Bonneville appeared in ITV’s adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express as Edward Masterman in 2010.


Julian Ovenden, who’ll be familiar as Charles Blake in Downton, appeared in 2005’s After the Funeral as Michael Shane.


Also in After the Funeral was Downton‘s Sir Anthony Strallan, actor Robert Bathurst, as Gilbert Entwhistle.


Believe it or not, a third Downton actor was in After the Funeral, with Kevin Doyle (Mr Molesley) playing Inspector Morton too.


Mrs Carson star Phyllis Logan played Nurse Hopkins in Sad Cypress in 2003.


Don’t forget Iain Glen, who played Sir Richard Carlisle in Downton, and showed up in 2013’s Elephants Can Remember as Doctor Willoughby.


Lavinia Swire actress Zoe Boyle played Jinny Boynton in 2005’s adaptation of Appointment with Death.


She was joined in Appointment with Death by none other than Lady Cora herself, Elizabeth McGovern, playing Dame Celia Westholme.


Lastly, there was Harriet Walter (Lady Shackleton) in Cat Among the Pigeons as Miss Bulstrode in 2008.


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