‘Grantchester’ star Tom Brittney wants to be the next James Bond

Tom Brittney has revealed he’s keen to become the new 007!

The 31-year-old English actor has experience taking over a hit franchise from a much-loved star, having replaced James Norton in the cast of Grantchester in 2019.

Daniel Craig made his final appearance as James Bond in last year’s No Time to Die.

Producers are currently keeping tight-lipped on who will be the seventh actor to play the world’s most famous secret agent.

But that hasn’t stopped the speculation about who’ll take the role, with everyone from Idris Elba and Poldark‘s Aidan Turner, to Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens and Sam Heughan from Outlander in the running.

Tom Brittney has revealed in a recent Q&A session with fans (via PBS) that he’s very happy for his name to be added to this list.

Asked “Would you consider being the next Bond?” by Grantchester viewer Nereida Nazzaro from Michigan, Brittney responded: “Yes, I would.”

He recalled: “I can’t remember when it was, there was an actor that I worked with who was in the running for Bond. In the poll thing. And he was like, ‘If you ever get asked about Bond, you’ve got to pretend, play it cool and not say you’d do it. Leave them wondering.’

“And I went, ‘Ah, screw that. I’m going to say yes. Of course.’ I won’t get it, but of course I’d love to be Bond. Man, that’s so cool.”

In the same Q&A, Brittney also spoke about how much he enjoys doing stunts in Grantchester, which bodes well for the action-packed demands of playing Bond.

He said: “My favorite day is the running around and the fight scenes and anything like that. I’ll be on the phone to my agent right after saying, ‘I want to do a Mission Impossible film. Please get me some action.’

“I wish we had more. But you know what? For a vicar, I think I have a pretty good amount of punching and running to do. But in the costume, it is hell. I hate it.

He joked: “Those shoes have no grip, and then I’m wearing a quite tight waist coat and braces and everything like that. I sometimes watch it on screen and go, ‘I think I look a bit silly running like that, in that gear.'”

Tom Brittney began filming the next season of Grantchester last summer.

Season 7 is set to premiere on ITV in the UK later this year, ahead of its arrival on PBS in the US.

Meanwhile, original Grantchester star James Norton has just started shooting the long-awaited third season of Happy Valley.

Grantchester is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.