The Most Truthful Gambling Movie Scenes

Gambling and cinema are two forms of entertainment that go well together at first glance.

Every movie devotee will probably come up with several films in which gambling played a more or less important role. Just think of the many films that take place in Las Vegas or have gambling as their main theme.

But casino games alone are not what we are interested in here today. Ultimately, it’s always about staying realistic. Last but not least, the award-winning award of the golden raspberry ensures that errors in the direction and other breakdowns in films get more and more attention. And what about gambling exactly? We went into the matter and selected these scenes in films for you, which not least impress with their realism.

Casino Royale

It’s always better to start with Britain’s Casino Royale when we are talking about gambling and films. This 2006 James Bond film that is dominated by a Texas Hold’em poker scene. Here James Bond plays against his sharpest adversary Le Chiffre and is thrilled to risk a million euros and ultimately to win. Admittedly, such high amounts of poker are extremely rare. Seen in this way, this game cannot necessarily be considered absolutely realistic. However, the whole game situation is quite plausible, and even the win with a Royal Flush knows how to convince – because last but not least, this is the highest possible card that can be played at the Texas Hold’em.


Tombstone is a classic western that was released in cinemas in 1993. The film in which Val Kilmer plays the main role of Doc Holiday has long since become a western classic. The film shows a scene in which Doc Holiday leaves the table exhausted but happy after a 36-hour, in many ways intensive, poker session.

Well, the world record of playing continuously playing poker is 115 hours and named to Phil Laak. But sitting on an online casino like for 36 hours seems a big deal. However, it is well known that poker played an important role in the wild west of the United States well over 100 years ago. And Doc Holiday is also a realistic film character that has been impressively implemented. This film deserves to be mentioned in this list.


This movie about MIT students has not only realistic gambling scenes but it is based on a real story of some students who were counting cards in the game of blackjack at Las Vegas casinos. Starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey in pivotal roles, 21 shows how with proper mathematic calculations players can make money in the casinos. Well, counting cards is not illegal but casinos will not allow you to play in the arena if you are suspected of counting cards.


The casino is an absolute Hollywood classic. This only made into this list because this mafia movie shows very well how corrupt it was in the casinos in Las Vegas for a long time. Gambling is and remains a legendary industry around which numerous legends have grown up. This Martin Scorsese film definitely contributed to the myth.

Dr. No

In the last, James Bond Dr. No made on this list. This has to do with the fact that it was the very first film with James Bond that featured a gaming table. Sean Connery plays Baccarat here and he has cut a sensational figure here too.