Interesting movies about casinos and gambling

These films will tell the viewer about gambling enthusiasts.

One of the sharpest topics is violated – gambling addiction. People who play casinos and such games, themselves without realizing it get addicted and they develop an addiction. It is similar to alcohol or drug addiction. Only in contrast to the above, a person is addicted to the emotions that he gets when he plays, wins or loses. You may get interested in how CasinoHex rates online gambling sites that accept Kiwi customers after reading this article. Enjoy reading!

These emotions will be discussed in many of the films. The main emotion of players is excitement. It engages them in the game and does not let them stop in time. Most often the heroes are unhappy precisely because of this pernicious emotion. Making a bet person makes as if he is blindfolded step. And whether he will win or fall into the abyss of despair from the loss – it will become known only at the end of the game. Also, very often the films show the process of rethinking one’s own life.

Sooner or later the player may free himself, and then he becomes aware of his life. In this case, there are metamorphoses on a mental level and the person changes dramatically. One of the interesting themes is the process of a person falling into the abyss because of his addiction. Only if in some movies the player gets out of it and becomes a completely different person, then in others – he begins to flounder in the problems that have fallen on his head and dies. In any case, these films are very instructive and can cause the viewer both pity and condemnation of the main character.


Casino Royale

James Bond must complete his first mission as Agent 007. Le Chiffre is a well-known banker in the terrorist world. He is involved in a poker game in Montenegro, where he must wager his money to stay safe in the terrorist market. MI6 sends James Bond along with Vesper Lind to take part in the game or prevent Le Chiffre from winning. Agent 007 enters the most important poker game of his dangerous career. But here’s the thing, if Le Chiffre doesn’t win, will James Bond and Vesper Lind be safe?



Mike is a young lawyer and also a gambler at cards. He is extremely lucky in the game, and Mike even dreams of participating in poker competitions. No one has ever had too much money, much less fame.

But his love for cards goes away when Mike loses his money to local mobster Teddy. After that incident, the kid swore he’d never sit down at a green-cloth table again.

But cards, it turns out, are not a thing to swear off either. Soon longtime friend Lester, recently released from juvie, shows up like a whirlwind in Mike’s life. The ex-con is mired in debt and a number of enemies, and now Mike will once again take up cards to save his childhood friend.



In the 1970s, casinos and hotels in Las Vegas were run by several Mafia clans. Under the control of the Dons were lawyers, police officers, labor unions, and anyone else who could in one way or another influence the activities of the Mafia.

Officially the casinos and hotels are run by front men, but in reality they are masterminds who know how to run a business. Sam Rothstein, better known as Ace, is one of them. He is the manager of the Tangier casino, who is valued by the mobsters and provides him with constant security. But after marrying a prostitute, Sam’s future is in jeopardy.


Hard Eight

Today, John has lost his entire fortune. The guy can’t even buy a cup of coffee at the nearest tavern. Luckily for him, a passing Mr. Sidney is generous enough to buy the poor guy not only a drink, but breakfast as well. And at the same time the new acquaintance explains to the poor man how he can make good money in the local casinos.

John finds himself apprenticed to his savior and soon becomes a gambling professional. The pair have gutted the coffers of more than one gambling establishment in the country and had no plans to stop there, until John meets the pretty waitress Clementine.


Ocean’s Eleven

A true criminal is one who makes up a crime before he’s even released from the previous one. Danny Ocean is a genius at his job. But he is driven by a kind of passion, for Terry Benedict, owner of three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, is cooing with his ex-wife. Danny is still in love with Tess, and so in 24 hours he gathers the best experts in the field of crime to commit the most dangerous, grandest and most romantic robbery – $160 million from this very Terry’s casino.

Will Ocean manage to convince everyone that his scheme is not doomed to failure?


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